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  Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's  


Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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About Department

   The Department of English is established in the year 1967 since the inception of the college. The department has played an important role in developing interest in English Language and literature amongst the students. There are two permanent faculty members in the department. Many students have passed B.A. with English Literature from this department who further completed M.A. in English and found jobs in various institutions. The department has a Language Laboratory and Multimedia devices for teaching and learning purpose. The department has always updated itself thereby meeting the demands of time. The department always intends to undertake innovative teaching methods to root out the fear in the minds of the students. The department always focuses on the play-way methods for teaching and learning process. The department undertakes the project with the active participation of the students. The department renders its service through teaching to the students who wish to appear for the competitive examinations by engaging their lectures. The central library is having good stuff of important books in terms of English language and literature. We provide the intensive mentoring to our students both in and outside the classrooms through personal counseling.

Objectives :
  • Developing communication skills in English of the students
  • Enhancing their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Making students familiar with wonders of literature.
  • To make the students fluent users of the English language.
  • To offer exposure to literary/cultural traditions that expands their horizon of imagination.
  • To pave way for creative writing to excel in freelancing.
  • To enable the students to equip with the latest technology oriented curriculum.
  • Making the student able for employment and self-employment
  • To use English effectively for study purpose across the curriculum.

  •    The department every year establishes the ‘English Literary Forum’ with the active participation of the students. The office bearers are the students and various activities like Elocution Competition, Essay Competition, Story Telling Competition, Quiz Competition, Wall Magazine etc. are organized regularly. Through studying English literature the students have learned how to engage with text, think critically, and express their thoughts-- and these skills continue to substantially aid them in the pursuit of all endeavors, both academic and otherwise. The department has helped the students to unpack and enjoy complex texts; to read with a critical eye; to write and communicate with concision and purpose. This department has enabled the students to strengthen their writing, editing, and critical analysis skills.
       The Department has an ICT –enabled Language Laboratory inclusive of Headsets with the software enabling the students to learn reading, writing, and speaking English. The department organizes a study tour every year for the students of English literature. The department has conducted ‘Communication Skills in English Course’ for the students at Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level. Along with this we have a rich collection of around 1000 books in library. The knowledge of English Literature has helped the students to give them confidence to speak up in meetings and make presentations and to think critically. The Department has organized a State Level Seminar. The department has also organized a University Level elocution competition.


        The department also offers degree in M.A. in English since 2010 for the convenience of the students in the periphery of Deulgaon Raja.


       The department is a recognized ‘Research Center’ for M.Phil. and Ph. D. approved by SGBA University Amravati. Dr. E. B. Bhalerao is recognized as research guide by S.G.B.A.U. Amravati.