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Shri.Balaji Sansthan,Deulgaon Raja's
Deulgaon Raja, Dist- Buldhana - 443204
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University.
(Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade )

To arouse the feeling of social responsibility among the students the NSS unit has been actively working in our college since 1975. This department helps to create independence, character building, social attachment , personality development, eloquence among the students.  This department allows the students to mix with the people to understand their problems and lacunas and try to solve these with various awareness programmes. This unit also keeps the college campus clean with regular activities organized in the college. The mission statement of NSS is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’.

NSS Department Asst. Prof. Dr. V.R.Bansile
The following is the structure of the NSS department in the college
Sr.No. Name Designation
1) Prin. Dr. G.B.Jadhav Chairman of the NSS Committee
2) Dr.Vinod Bansile NSS Programme Officer
3) Shri. R.H.Devare Co-Programme Officer
4) Smt. Priyanka Deshmukh Co-Programme Officer
5) One male student Students Representative
6) One female student Students Representative

Advantages of NSS

  • It helps for students’ Personality Development.
  • It helps to create Social Responsibility among the students.
  • It creates social integrity among the students.
  • It makes the volunteers independent with respect to their work.
  • It teaches the volunteers to work for self as well as for others.
  • It helps to develop eloquence among the students.
  • Students get 10 incentive marks after successfully completing the Special Camps of seven days and regular camps/periods organized by the college.
  • Nature of Work

  • Students’ Enrollment – During 20th July to 30th July of every academic session
  • NSS Orientation Class -  During 1st to 10th August of every academic session.
  • NSS regular work – During August to November of every academic session.
  • NSS Special Camp for seven day in any adopted village – During 1st Dec. to 20 Dec. of every academic session.
  • NSS regular work- During January to March of every academic session.
  • Activities Undertaken

  • NSS Volunteers Leadership Development Camp.
  • Medical Checkup camp at the college level.
  • To organize cleanliness drive in College as well as in the town.
  • To organize programme on national integrity and social harmony.
  • To organize programme on women equality as well as women empowerment.
  • To organize programme on Prohibition of consumption of tobacco.
  • To participate in the Pulse Polio mission organized by the govt. of Maharashtra.
  • To observe  Road Safety week with the help of the NSS Volunteers.
  • To organize Blood Donation camp as well Blood Group Checking camp for students as well as for the people in the town.
  • Programmes organized in NSS Special Camp in adopted village.

  • Inauguration of the Camp.
  • Various physical work in the adopted village.
  • Organization of various cultural activities like Prohibition of Child Marriage, Female Foeticide, Family Violence, Superstitions etc.
  • Organization of Animal Checkup camp.
  • Organization of Women Empowerment Programmes like Medical guidance, Judiciary Guidance etc.
  • Organization of Environment Conservation Programme as well as tree plantation in the village.
  • Organization of Programmes on Literacy,  Road Building, Cleanliness etc.
  • Outstanding Activities organized by the department of NSS

  • Every year at least 150 bottle of blood are donated.
  • The NSS Volunteer work as Police Friends in Shri Balaji Festival every year specially in Shri Balaji Maharaj Palanquin Procession and ‘Lalit Utsav’.
  • NSS Department organizes the ‘Disaster Management’ cell in the festival for the pilgrims.
  • In 2008 the college is awarded First Prize at district level for successfully organizing the NSS Special Camp under the leadership of Shri. R.H.Devare, the then Programme officer.
  • Active participation of NSS Volunteers in ‘ Communal Harmony’ Rally organized in the town.
  • Organization of Competitive Examination classes for students.
  • Participation of NSS Volunteers in Rally organized to protest ‘ Female Foeticide’ and a Road Play was organized thereof.
  • A survey is undertaken on ‘ Female Entrepreneurship’ as well as on ‘Women’s Health’ with the help of the NSS Volunteers.
  • Successful  organization of ‘Aids Awareness’ camp in the college.
  • Ku. Sheetal Jamdhade , an NSS Volunteer is selected for Republic Day Parade at state level and is awarded colour coat due to her excellent work in NSS.

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