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  Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's  


Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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About Department

   Welcome to the virtual gateway of our Physics Department! Here, we embark on a journey through the fundamental laws governing the universe, unraveling the mysteries of nature and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. As passionate physicists, researchers, and educators, we thrive on curiosity and exploration, delving into the deepest realms of theoretical concepts and practical applications.
   From classical mechanics to quantum theory, from astrophysics to condensed matter physics, our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing unparalleled support and mentorship, nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders and thinkers. Through state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge research facilities, and dynamic learning experiences, we empower our students to explore, discover, and make meaningful contributions to the world of physics and beyond.
   The Department of Physics is established in the academic year 2009-10 provide quality education to the students. The department has well equipped laboratories of Physics, Electronics and dark room. Presently Dr. Arvind D. Kanwate worked as Head of the Department since 2017. Also, department offers Mini project for B.Sc. III year student to develop his scientific ideas about in various field like solar energy, thin films, electronics, astrophysics and astronomy, nano-science, nano-particles etc. to helpful doing M.Sc. and getting jobs on the basis of projects.
   Department promotes interdisciplinary thinking and creates opportunities by regularly organizing Guest lectures, virtual lectures, seminars, group discussion, quiz competition for students. Department also guided to crack competitive exams like IIT-JAM, TIFR, and M.Sc. entrance test of various universities

Departmental Blog: https://svcdeptofphysics.blogspot.com/

Aims & Objectives:
  • To impart basic education in Physics, Electronics.
  • To develop Experimental skills.
  • To prepare the students for higher education.
  • To prepare the students for research.
  • To improve interaction with industrial area.
  • To give implant training to students.
  • Making the student able for employment and self-employment.