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  Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's  


Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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Salary Earner's Society

  The College runs the salary earners cooperative society viz. Shri Vyankatesh Mahavidyalaya Karmachari Sahkari Patsanstha of the staff members of our college with registration number BUD/ BANK/143 dated 23/02/1971. The total number of members at present is 42. The society enrolls new members who are appointed in college. The society provide long term loans to its member on request and also provide emergency loan if required. Society fixes the rate of interest on the deposits of the member. Society accepts the short term & long term fixed deposits from the members. Society provides the mortgage loan on the fixed deposits of the members. Society also reimburses the annual dividend once in a year. Society had purchased an individual insurance policy for all the society members.
During the last five year our society stood in ‘A’ Grade by auditor. The society provides loans up to maximum of Rs. 10,00,000/- and also provides Rs.30,000/- loan in emergency case.


  • To develop self-reliance, cooperation and habit of saving among the members.
  • To accept the deposits from members.
  • To accept monthly share contribution from members.
  • To raise the fund by taking the loan from other organization.
  • To provide loan to the members at reasonable rate of interest.

To undertake all such activities needed for the welfare and well being of the member and society