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  Shri Balaji Sansthan Deulgaon Raja's  


Deulgaon Raja-443 204, Dist. Buldhana (M.S.)
(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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Staff Council

    The college has active staff Council. It conducts the regular meetings in every month under the chairmanship of Honorable principal. In this meeting review is taken regarding the activities allotted to the each department and teachers. It discuss the various issues, activities and programs. The decisions regarding the curricular and co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are taken in this meeting. The Principal suggests and guides on certain areas wherever necessary to the teachers in this meeting. The review of teachers, academic activities and syllabus is also taken in this meeting. The difficulties of teachers are also entertained and solved by the Principal in this meeting. Teachers bring in to the notice of the Principal some issues important from the standpoint of the development of the college. The minutes are recorded by the staff secretary Dr. Vinod R. Bansile.

   The Staff Council, in addition to any action taken at staff council meetings shall carry on its work through a structure of standing committees. The committees shall make recommendations to the staff council. The action of the staff council is intimated to Hon. President. Staff Council is dedicated to providing service and fostering effective communication within the institution. It acts as a representative of the college staff. It also maintains the communication between the staff and college administration. It also recommends the decisions taken by committee to the Principal. The principal has right to call meeting at any time. The decisions of the meetings are regularly reported to the Principal. It also takes the various decisions with the permission of the Principal regarding the progress and development of the college and takes lot of efforts to implement all the decisions taken in the meeting. It also discusses the problems of college in education field and recommends it to the Principal in solving it. It also intimates the recommendations to the President regarding development and welfare of the staff. It also maintains the communication with the faculty members. It also maintains a cooperative spirit within college governance. It advises the management about step to be taken for the development of the college. It supports the teachers whenever they experience problems and difficulties. It also plans important festivals celebrations and other Co-curricular activities.